How do Coffee-Grinders Work and Why Should you use One?

How do coffee-grinders work and why should you use one?

If you are a coffee addict, but do not yet own a coffee-grinder, you may want to know how one works before you start using it.

Two kinds of coffee-grinder — There are two different kinds of coffee-grinder that grind coffee beans depending on their blades.

The first is one that has rotating metal blades at the bottom of the device. Once the coffee beans are poured into the chamber and the grinder is turned on, the metal blades rotate so quickly they grind the beans down into a powder.

The second type is one called a burr coffee-grinder. This does the same job as a grinder with blades but uses a grinder wheel instead. A burr grinder will usually be able to grind coffee beans into an even finer powder than can one with blades.

Manual or electric — You can also choose to buy a manual grinder or an electric grinder.

The manual grinds the beans as a person turns a crank on the side of the grinder. This requires more work than does an electric grinder, but it does give you more control as you grind.

An electric device works with just a flick of a switch on the side of it. It also tends to do the job much faster.

Why should you use a coffee-grinder? — Coffee tastes much better and less bitter if it is made from beans that have just been freshly ground. This is because the oil in the beans begins to oxidize as soon as the air hits them.

Most coffee connoisseurs prefer coffee made from freshly ground beans. For more details check on เครื่องบดกาแฟ.

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